Garbage Can Washers

Garbage can washers quickly and efficiently wash and steam sanitize garbage cans in a fully contained stainless steel cabinet. It is no longer necessary to devote a separate room for washing trash cans. The cabinet design allows the operator to simply place the can into the washing chamber, close the door and turn the “start” selector switch.

Garbage can washers make complying with local environmental regulations easy and more sanitary. There is no need to use trash bags or liners when you can quickly and easily clean and sanitize your waste receptacles with an Alvey® garbage can washer. This eliminates the plastic waste and expense, as well as complies with many local environmental ordinances.

Garbage Can Washer Features:

  • Pre-wash, wash, and rinse cycles
  • Nozzles are positioned to wash the inside and outside of cans
  • Washes a variety of waste receptacles
  • Compact space-saver design
  • Gas, electric, and steam heat available

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Alvey GI1 Garbage Can Washer Alvey GI2 Garbage Can Washer