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Alvey Washing Equipment

A brand of Cincinnati Industrial Machinery, and a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial washing equipment 

Alvey industrial washing equipment is precisely engineered to clean a variety of products ranging from pots, pans, carts, racks, trays, and other kitchen utensils for commercial service applications to bins, tote boxes, machined parts and waste receptacles for industrial manufacturing and processing applications.

Alvey washers are designed to save time, money, and labor. With quick and efficient wash cycles, items are cleaned, sanitized, and ready to use in a matter of minutes. High pressure sprays, utilizing detergent, strip away baked-on food and dirt so little or no pre-wash or soaking is required. Rinse water is recycled into the wash tank, saving water and energy. A majority of Alvey washers are designed for a one-man operation, reducing labor costs. Alvey Washing Equipment is the trusted name in the commercial kitchen and food industry because of their high quality, energy-efficient features, and smart engineering design. When you are searching for a new commercial or industrial dishwasher, you can count on Alvey Washing Equipment. 

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